Welcome to Black Diamond Mayfair

Black Diamond Mayfair was founded in 2015, an aim to bridge to gap between our extensive and innovative security solutions, Black Diamond Security, and the growing needs our clients began asking for.

We offer you the ability to continue living free from the qualms, fears and difficulties that we all face today. We provide lifestyle support and security that is informative and responsive to your needs, creating an environment designed to protect you, your reputation and assets.

Our Task
The Plan is to build a secure space free from intrusions without restricting your movement. It’s a tailored service that protects the lifestyle you and those dear to you wish to enjoy.

Day to Day
Regardless of whether you are home or away, on business or pleasure, we will identify and mitigate the risks faced, we will cater to the cultural nuances of the location and make sure the umbrella of security protects you, your family, your business and associates.



Black Diamond offer high-quality security services to TV star Ekaterina Tyagunova

While visiting London, Ekaterina stayed at the very popular and exclusive Langham Hotel. To ensure the client’s piece of mind Black Diamond were on hand 24/7 to ensure the safety of the TV host. Black Diamond looked after all her security needs during her visit.

Black Diamond provided Ekaterina a CP Level chauffeur driven car to and from the airport. This was requested to provide her with a safe and stress-free transfer trip from Heathrow following her long flight from Moscow. Thankfully, Black Diamond was there to take care of her needs and escorted her safely from the Airport to the hotel without any problems.

During her time in the capital, Black Diamond provided her with two close protection officers 24/7. We appreciate that it can be very hard for a celebrity to feel safe at all times, and Black Diamond did everything possible to make Ekaterina feel safe during her trip. Black Diamond catered to all her needs to ensure that she had nothing to worry about.

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